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Toyota Prius

Electric Car Toyota Prius

In the U.S., the Prius is a baseline price (MSRP) of $ 21.750. The base model Prius, or I would be available in October. The Prius II is a starting point to improve the price of $ 22.750, and the specification with 15-inch alloy wheels, Vehicle Stability Control and interior amenities like cruise control, 6-speaker audio, Toyota keyless entry/ignition, smart key and a unique touch tracer display designed to keep the driver's eyes on the street when the steering wheel audio and climate control.

The 1.8-liter gasoline/petrol engines (a 1.5-liter) produces 98 hp and with the additional power the electric motor is a total hp 134 hp (previously 110 hp). The greater capacity of the engine allows increased torque to reduce speed (rpm), which in turn increases fuel economy at highway speeds. With an electric water pump, the Prius engine is the first production engine that requires no accessory belts, which further improved and fuel consumption. In addition, the battery is smaller and more efficient, as well as the electric motors and other components of the hybrid powertrain. Toyota estimates the new inverter, motor and transaxle are 20 percent lighter. Disc brakes replace the existing rear drum brakes.

In 1994, Toyota executive Takeshi Uchiyama, the task of creating a new car that is both economical and environmentally friendly. After reviewing more than 100 hybrid design and engineering team with a hybrid engine design on a 1974 TRW patent on a permanent, however, had many technical and engineering problems to be resolved within the three years that the team was given to the car in to bring the Japanese market, a goal they barely achieved as the first Prius went on sale in December 1997. A major problem was the battery life, which requires 7 to 10 in recent years. The solution came with the engineers had to pay to keep the battery between 60% and 40%, proving the " " sweet spot for extending the battery life by about the other vehicle.

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