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General Motors Sequel

Electric car General Motors Sequel

The Sequel is a hydrogen fuel cell - powered concept car and sport utility vehicle developed by General Motors, the use of the latest generation of Opel HydroGen3 technology. The sequel will be a drive-by-wire system. It has a series of three hundred miles, and its only emission is water. He debuted in 2005 at the North American International Auto Show and is now at the 75th International Auto Show in Geneva, Switzerland will be shown. GM CEO Rick Wagoner and Chief Executive proposed that there will be more than a decade before it goes into production. GM announced, 11 September 2006, that is their continuation of four-wheel drive fuel cell vehicle a Chevrolet. Presented to the next generation of the hydrogen car was at the Detroit auto show in 2005 and was then called "GM Sequel," the revised version of the crossover was founded by Larry Burns, GM Vice President responsible for R & D introduced and product planning.